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About us

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ELLC School is specializing in learning English by the most efficient model in most current days which is – learning by native speaker online courses at flexible times for a child or student. Our mission is to get direct contact with “live language” from the very first day of the language journey with our children.

Our main goal is to help and successfully teach all those who are learning English despite where the student leave around the world in a short time.

We are ambitious young professional people – teachers, scientists, and managers whose idea is to help the young generation to get on the proficiency language ladder is and will be most important.


 At ELLC School we want to help and support both sites - the child and parents through their education journey and maximize the efforts, positive results, and pleasure you can get at modern online School.

What we do

ELLC School is offering a comprehensive model of learning English for children who want to empower their English knowledge.

We offer:

  • Online classes with a native speaker (webinars)

  • Learning by using multimedia resources: i.e. movies, animations, songs…

  • All webinars will be stored on a school web page with an option to watch them again if needed

  • Summer language camps for all interested students to improve their speaking and listening skills in sports and play adventures

How we do

ELLC School helps children gain confidence in answering questions and teach them the techniques required to pass their exams. We offer both face-to-face and online weekly online tuition, mock exams, and revision summer camps.  All children who follow our courses are fully prepared and able to perform to the best of their potential.

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